Cityscapes and the Urban Landscape

Hunting in the City

Some visitors here might question what I was thinking when I included some "Non Landscape" images in my portfolio. The "Urban Landscape" offers my senses and vision new "ingredients to mix in a bowl". I am still looking for the beauty of the raw compositional elements to play together in a way I find interesting.  I find the "hunt" there challenging and intriguing. I am beginning to realize that it matters less and less where I am capturing images but rather what I am capturing.


My New York Year

Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, I would often take a bus into the city to explore and photograph. In 2001, I found myself living just outside of NYC. I took a train into the city each weekend to explore and photograph as I had growing up yet again. I am now spending more time roaming my local town as well as foreign cities. It is a different kind of "hunt".


Bustling activity in this cityscape/urban landscape photographed in New York City
Street Fair, Midtown Manhattan, NYC