Red Rock and Desert Country

The High Desert

 I loosely define red rock country as the geologic area which makes up the Colorado Plateau, which is roughly centered around the four corners region of the SW United States. This area is drained by the Colorado, Green, San Juan, and Rio Grande Rivers. This is high desert land with a sprinkling of forests.


A Lot of Beautiful Land

This area includes 10 National Parks and Recreation Areas as well as 17 National Monuments including Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Natural Bridges, Hovenweep, Glenn Canyon, Chaco Canyon, and Grand Staircase-Escalante to name a few.


I am extremely lucky to live within 2-3 hours drive of red rock country. These public playgrounds have helped to shape my vision.


Desert landscape in SE Utah, where there is spectacular red rock sandstone formations in the desert near Monument Valley
Storm Over the Valley of the Gods, Utah